Valuable Information about Birthstones

Most of the people learn about birthstone by seeing a list of birthstone according to month at a jewelry store. Some people also may have got a birthstone as gift. However most people may be familiar with their corresponding birthstone but only a few know the history of birthstone and why they are assigned with their respective months.


Mythological Mentions of Birthstones:

Some historians believe that the birthstone have origins in the biblical story of the Moses brother Aaron. When Aaron was named the high priest, he was given a breastplate with twelve embedded stones in it. The twelve tribes of Israel as mentioned in the holy bible are said to be represented by the twelve birthstones. Bible also lists the twelve gemstones which were embedded on the breastplate; these stones may or may not be the original birthstones.


Throughout and beyond the middle ages the birthstones continued to be very popular. Some birthstones were thought to have special properties, one of which is Amethyst which helps against drunkenness. Various cultures throughout the history have described the many powers or properties of the various birthstones. People interested in mythology or jewelry finds the study of gemstones very fascinating.

Modern Day Use:

The American National Association of Jewelers published the official guide of the birthstone in 1912. This guide contains name of all the birthstones and also associated them with each month of the year. The birthstone jewelry is very popular among collectors and gemstone lovers since the introduction of the official guide. You can buy birthstones embedded in rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Some of the birthstones listed in the original guide have changed considerably over the years and some have remained as it is. Some people still go according to the older and original list while others use modern incarnation. You can buy birthstones online for any occasion.

Some Birthstones:

Ruby is the July Birthstone garnet and is extremely liked by millions of persons from all across the globe. The stone really looks stunning and is worn commonly for the beautification of heavy jewelry in a key way. A gold or platinum jewelry is often complemented by ruby such as in heavy neckpieces, earrings and finger rings the most often. The August Birthstone garnet is Peridot and is also greatly respected by millions of people and is worn by them largely. If you are looking for a distinctive gift to give a loved one you can be sure that birthstone jewellery will be appreciated and loved.

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