Advantages of gifting Malachite Stone

It is a semi-precious stone. It comes from copper ore deposits. It is softer than other gemstones. Generally, it is green in color with vein patterns. Malachite attracts a lot of gemstone lovers. People of ancient Egypt and Rome used to decorate their bodies with Malachite. They believed that this stone will protect them from evil spirits. Historians have found that malachite is since in 4000BC.



Malachite stone is very rare these days. It is very difficult to find the raw rocks as it has been critically depleted. It was primarily found in the Ural Mountains of USSR present-day Russia. The most famous stones are those which have been used in the castles of Old Russian kings. There is a palace where rooms are entirely decorated with Malachite.

Global Availability:

At present time Malachite is mined primarily in Australia and Chile. Also, there are smaller deposits of this stone in Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, US, UK, France, and Israel. The quality of these stones varies and so is the price. The stones with color variations are the most expensive. Price also depends on the country from which it is mined. When you buy Malachite stone online you should check the country of origin.

The price of this stone depends upon many factors like finishing, size and shape. Some Malachite is found in combination with other minerals like azurite, cuprite, and chrysocolla. These are considered the most beautiful and are most expensive.

Health Benefits:

It is believed that Malachite stones helps in managing mental stress and protects people from disease related to the heart and eye. It also prevents its wearer from asthma, arthritis, bone pain, and vertigo. With its intense healing powers and its ability to protect one from different diseases, many keep it in the child's cradle as a shield. Keeping this stone while traveling, ensures safety and protection from accidents.

Malachite stone

Physical Properties:

Malachite is softer than most gemstones therefore they should be handle with care. When you buy jewelry made up using this stone you have to protect it from sharp objects as it may scratch easily. You should also avoid putting this stone in high temperatures to protect it from losing its shine. Chemical-based cleaners can also damage this stone.

If you are looking for Malachite stone online it is important to make sure that the stones which you are buying are authentic. It is comparatively easy to tell the difference between real stone and its cheap imitations. Due to its relatively less price than other gemstones it is widely used in jewelry items.

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